Vermillion's Simple Navbar Tutorial

Vermillion's first article, on creating a simple yet stylish navigation bar, using basic CSS styling and HTML lists.

Nov 24 2008
Custom Markup Code - Part 1

Here is part 1 of my Custom Markup Code series. In this article we will learn the basics of creating markup codes that can be used anywhere that a user can input information.

Nov 01 2008
Multiple Selection With PHP

Introducing the concept of multiple selection with PHP. Concepts learned can later be expanded on for mass use, such as deleting multiple Private Messages.

Oct 28 2008
Creating An RSS 2.0 Feed

Do you have a website constantly being updated with news and articles, and want to keep your views constantly updated? Check out RSS Feeds, a Really Simple way to keep your clients up to date with your new articles.

Jul 31 2008

A Site Redesign
Jul 29 2009 @ 06:35PM by Chiggins

As some of you might know, is a sister site of Neoseeker, and is owned by Neo Era Media. Over the past few years, the site has been upgraded, re-designed, and had some up's and down's. DEVPEN has the potentional to become a better, more active site, it just needs some loving care.

After a few talks with Redemption, I have gotten permissions to start working on a dummy site for a new DEVPEN. A dummy site is a very basic, light-weight, development version site. Think of it as something the Administration could take a look at, and say that they like this, or change that.

If your interested in the project, please check out the thread about it.

Useful Javascript Library's
Apr 19 2009 @ 05:05PM by Chiggins

Lately I've been working on some dynamic effects for my website, using Javascript and some AJAX. Over my adventures looking for some useful Library's, I've found MooTools, jQuery, and YUI. I'm liking MooTools and jQuery the most, so I would really recommend checking them out.

May 29 2007 @ 01:58PM by redemption

I said DEVPEN was back in January 2006, and well it's back again. This time around we've totally switched out of the old CMS system that I wrote way back years ago, to the new NeoCMS that we use to power OverclockersClub. The new CMS system is greatly enhanced over the previous one in that it now supports RSS feeds, comments for news articles, permalinks for articles, much better image management for articles, images for news, and allows us to control article publishing much better.

Because of the permalink and comments system I'm going to be posting blog like posts to the frontpage every so often as I discover new things while developing our sites or when I have unexplained mysteries that are yet to be resolved. I've been meaning to do this a while since I always discover things that I find would be useful to others.

Anyway, with that and the new CMS I think you'll find updates around here will hopefully start flowing again!!

Minor Improvements to Code display in Articles
Jul 06 2006 @ 02:27PM by redemption

We've made some minor but very useful improvement to the quality of article code samples by highlighting PHP and code strings.

To do this we're using the same nTag code we use on Neoseeker to highlihgt php and code tags using PHP's own highlight_string() function.

If anyone has suggestions on how we might be able to do something similar for MySQL and HTML please let us know!

Just check out the latest article which has been updated with this new code display style to see what we mean :)

New DEVPEN staffers
May 04 2006 @ 01:06PM by redemption

Hi everyone,

DEVPEN hasn't really been doing much in terms of updates, but now more Neoseeker members are onboard to help flesh out content and community. So welcome to:

gdog2011 - PHP,Mysql,HTML,CSS,AJAX
Dark Reaper - PHP, MySQL, Javascript (Ajax, etc),HTML,CSS,Beginner RoR,Compiled: CMaintenance of C++/Java

You'll have noticed that Enhance has already published an article on image uploading with PHP :).

Missing Articles Restored!
Jan 22 2006 @ 02:53PM by dark reaper

As you can see from navigating around the site and the above articles, the articles that have been lost are now restored to full working order. By a freak chance of luck I had them backed up on my home computer, and thankfully so.

Any errors found in the newly restored articles, please report in the forums and we'll fix them up right away. And as Redemption has said earlier this week, if you have any ideas on article ideas, please visit the Site and Article Suggestions Forum.

Devpen is back!
Jan 20 2006 @ 04:34PM by redemption

After much digging around, I found an old backup. Unfortunately this copy is missing some news and I believe some articles as well. However, its better than nothing. Thanks to all the Neoseeker members who asked me about DEVPEN and encouraged me to find something to restore :D.

By the way, several of you have mentioned you have an interest in helping with DEVPEN. What we need now are articles. Come drop by the forums so we can figure out some good article ideas.

I'm still toying with the idea of upgrading the neoseeker forums to allow it to be the ones that power the DEVPEN forum area, for greater integration. But for now the forums we're using should be alright.

Lost data and downtime
Mar 04 2004 @ 11:54AM by redemption

Looks like bad luck struck us: due to a hacker we lost our forums and the site was not functioning properly for a while. I'm slowly restoring everything but it will take time...

Articles in the works
Nov 11 2003 @ 09:41AM by redemption

You'll notice now that we have 2 actual articles published - one on CSS standards and another on Search Engine Friendly URLs.

These are just two of a slew of articles in the works right now. Keep checking back and you'll find more articles in the coming weeks. Thanks go out to all the authors who are working on their articles. If you're curious what's upcoming you can check out the Works In Progress threads in the DEVPEN Articles forum.